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If you have a financial product to sell, IRPR is the marketing system you need.

Investor Relations

It's been said that if you asked a hundred girls to dinner, at least one will say, "yes". Using IRPR is like asking 500,000 financial advisors to give your company a try without waiting for an Analyst to arrange the introduction.

IRPR gives you the ability to stand out and be noticed both effectively and economically. Traditional press releases are fine, but in today's world of information overload, simply putting out a news release is like sitting in a corner and wishing you had a date.

The average Broker in our comprehensive database is the primary advisor to around 200 investors. Just a handful of these Advisors can influence the trading volume, stability and PE ratio of your shares. In fact, a single Broker recommending just half of his clients to add your company to their typical 15 stock portfolio could single handedly accumulate and stabilize as much as $5 million of your public float. 

For companies offering consumer goods and services, our Investor Marketing program gives you a powerful campaign that will promote your brand, sell your product and increase your stock price and volume.

Mutual Funds

Selling mutual funds with IRPR allows you to cut past the gatekeepers, and go right to the advisors and brokers who actually sell your products. IRPR allows you to identify and target brokers based on their level of production, licenses held, geographic location, firm and years of selling experience.

You can still buy donuts and free leads for rookie brokers if you want. But with IRPR you won't need to. IRPR allows you to market your product from the bottom up, top down and even sideways. Start by targeting the firmís top brokers. Your funds will be approved for sale because the firms own top brokers will be the ones asking them to approve it.

Once your fund is approved for sale, you can use IRPR to e-mail or direct mail to every broker at the firm. IRPR gives you the ability to track levels of interest and to follow up with those most likely to sell your product.

IRPR targets your message to the financial advisors most likely to have an interest in your company.

Private Placements

Selling private placements isn't just an art. It's a science, a puzzle, an enigma and a feat requiring superhuman power and ability all wrapped in one.

You can't advertise because the law won't let you. You can't find accredited investors because you can't advertise. Brokerage firms won't even look at your placement, unless a broker asks permission to sell it. But the firm won't let you talk to their brokers if your placement isn't already approved for sale.

IRPR blasts through these roadblocks and the chicken or egg games and allows you to locate brokers willing to sell your placement. IRPR gives you the power make your pitch to them directly.

Enlisting the help of a firmís top brokers to push your placement through their internal roadblocks is the fastest, most effective and inexpensive way to market your private placement.

Once your offering is approved for sale, IRPR makes it easy to present it to every broker at the firm.

Public Offerings

Imagine planning a road show and being able to pull down a list of every financial advisor and stockbroker within a 30 mile radius of each of your stops and then mail them each an invitation.

Imagine being able to e-mail each of those brokers with a reminder and then follow up with a phone call to the best of them at their home or office.

Imagine being able to identify the branch managers and top brokers at every participating firm, and being able to reach them at home or work by e-mail phone or direct mail.

IRPR makes all these things possible and more. Most public offerings succeed or fail based on the marketing done before the offering. IRPR helps you spread your offering wide and thin, helping to ensure you obtain the best price and retain the most control.

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What can do?

Target 500,000 Stockbrokers by mail, email or phone. At home or work.

Promote your company to over 500,000 Stock Brokers, Money Managers and Financial Advisors across the United States. Target Brokers by production level or geography.

How IRPR does it?

IRPR targets your message to the financial advisors most likely to have an interest in your company.

Our database of over 500,000 financial advisors, money managers and securities brokers allows us to target financial advisors by:

Broker Name
Firm Name
E-Mail Address
Production Rankings
Years in Business
Work Information
Home Information

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