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IRPR, Inc is a family of complimentary services whose goal is to eliminate inefficiencies in today’s financial product marketing process. In our financial ecosystem, Companies need Brokers to recommend their stock, Brokers need investors to buy their recommendations and Investors need quality stocks to build their net worth.

Unfortunately in this highly regulated environment, Companies can not talk directly to investors, Investors shun calls from stockbrokers and the brokers are inundated with stock recommendations from analysts and media.

IRPR rearranges the relationship flow so that each party gives the others what they desire.

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What can do?

Target 500,000 Stockbrokers by mail, email or phone. At home or work.

Promote your company to over 500,000 Stock Brokers, Money Managers and Financial Advisors across the United States. Target Brokers by production level or geography.

How IRPR does it?

IRPR targets your message to the financial advisors most likely to have an interest in your company.

Our database of over 500,000 financial advisors, money managers and securities brokers allows us to target financial advisors by:

Broker Name
Firm Name
E-Mail Address
Production Rankings
Years in Business
Work Information
Home Information

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